Here's how it works:


For each item you purchase you earn +1 "Hell Point".

Each Hell Point will help you progress thru the 9 Circles of Hell.


(1) 2 oz Balm = +1 Hell Point

(1) 1 oz Oil = +1 Hell Point

(1) Sample Pack of 1/2 oz Balms = +1 Hell Point

(1)  2 oz Balm/1 oz Oil Combo = +2 Hell Points



First Circle  (LIMBO) (1 Hell Point)

This is where the virtuous, unbaptized first time buyer resides. Although you mean well, you have earned no rewards at this time.



Second Circle  (LUST) (2 Hell Points)

You've tried our product and are overcome by lust. However, lust will gain you no rewards.



Third Circle  (GLUTTONY) (3 Hell Points)

Your lust has now progressed into overindulgence. But selfishness will get you no rewards either.



Fourth Circle  (GREED) (4 Hell Points)

Your overindulgent ways have led to you hoarding our product.

You're getting warmer!



Fifth Circle  (ANGER) (5 Hell Points)

You've received no rewards for your faithfulness as of yet and your anger begins to consume you. Have patience my child, your time is near!



Sixth Circle  (HERESY) (6 Hell Points)

Our product has begun to take you over. You have finally sworn off all other brands and decided not to become just a mere sheep of society.

Goooood, you're learning!

From this point forward, any balm or oil will only cost you $15.00 each...with free shipping within the US or free local pickup!!!



Seventh Circle  (VIOLENCE) (7 Hell Points)

You have now amassed such a collection of varying scents that your options are starting to overwhelm you. Your daily confusion of choosing which scent to wear leads to the occasional violent outburst of indecision.

The struggle is real!



Eighth Circle  (FRAUD) (8 Hell Points)

By this point you're thinking who the hell keeps track of all of this, and have tried to fake your way to the ninth circle at least once, but no dice sucka!

El Diablo sees all!!!



Ninth Circle  (TREACHERY) (9 Hell Points)

In the center of the ninth circle is where the Devil himself resides. You have now reached the deepest circle of Hell.

Welcome! Please stay a while...this is where the coolest people reside!

From this point forward, any 2 items will only cost you $25.00...with free shipping within the US or free local pickup!!!

(2) 2 oz balms=$25

(2) 1 oz oils=$25

(1) 2  oz balm and (1) 1 oz oil=$25

***Please Note: CAN earn Hell Points by purchasing from us on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, or by contacting us directly via email to place your order. HOWEVER, to claim your special pricing at the 6th and 9th Circles YOU MUST purchase from us directly via email. Simply email us your order and shipping info and we will send a custom invoice directly to your email address via PayPal.***


***Prices subject to change over time as our material costs increase.***


©2001 James Kunzinger. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED...violators will burn in HELL.