The Devil's Mark was thought to be the initiating mark the Devil placed

on the body as a seal of one’s pledge of obedience and service to

him. This was a predominant belief during the witch-hunt trials. Usually the

mark was believed to be made by the Devil's claw raked on one’s flesh. At

times he left his mark by licking the body. Persons accused of witchcraft

in trials were thoroughly searched for such marks. (Scars, birthmarks, natural blemishes, and insensitive patches of skin that failed to bleed qualified as Devil's marks.) All witches and sorcerers were considered to have at least one.


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2 oz Tattoo/Beard Balm...$20.00

As a tattoo artist myself, I found the need to provide my clients with an all natural tattoo aftercare product that could be used from the moment they leave the shop with their new artwork, throughout the entire healing process, and once the tattoo is healed as a skin revitalizer as well.


I designed Devil's Mark™ balm so that it can be used as a tattoo aftercare balm as well as a beard balm. All of the ingredients are 100% natural and we use only essential oils to add the fragrances. There are no chemicals, petroleums, or alcohols...which makes our product ideal as an all around skin and hair conditioner.

***Please check our ingredients list for any possible allergens. May contain nut and tree products. Discontinue use if reaction occurs.***


*Store in a cool/dry space*


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